Fluid Flush

The different parts of your vehicle require many different fluids and lubricants to function properly, and as those miles pile up on your car those fluids begin to break down and become dirty.  Your car’s engine uses oil to keeps all of its different parts moving smoothly.  For more information on oil changes click the link here: http://bmwrepairorangecounty.com/oil-change/.  Your transmission uses its own specific fluid, which is typically clear or pink, to keep its components lubricated.  Power steering fluid, which helps you turn your car smoothly, is usually red, pink, or clear.  Under the hood you will also find radiator fluid, brake fluid, air conditioning coolant, and windshield washer fluid.  As a result of the dirt and grime the different systems within your car may not be working at peak performance.  In order to get the best out of your car a fluid flush of certain systems may be needed, so that new fluid can be added to your car.

An Engine Oil Flush is part of your car’s regular preventative maintenance, which will run cleaning fluid through your vehicle’s engine.  A Fuel System Flush can often help increase your car’s fuel efficiency, while a Brake Fluid Flush may be needed if moisture has entered your brake lines and caused your brake fluid to discolor.  If your car’s power steering fluid becomes contaminated, you will need a Power Steering Fluid Flush, and it is good practice to have a mechanic inspect this fluid a couple of times each year.  As a part of the Power Steering Fluid Flush, it is very important to have the power steering system bled as well in order to clear all of the air out of the lines.  Two other important components of your vehicle that will require flushing are the radiator and the transmission.  Your radiator should be flushed once a year, or per your car’s recommended guidelines.  A flush of your radiator will help remove the rust, scales, and other contaminants, it lubricates the water pump, and it protects against foam and rust.

All of these fluid flushes are recommended at different mileage milestones, so whether you notice your car leaking a fluid or lubricant, or you simply want to ensure that all of your vehicles fluids are working properly and are at their correct levels, let BMW Repair Orange County help keep your car running smoothly.  Bring your car in to have your vehicle’s fluids inspected, and one of our highly trained, ASE-certified technicians will be able to assist you with all of your fluid-related needs.  Call us at 714-660-2132 today to schedule an appointment.