When thinking about the most important parts of your car what first comes to mind?  Your car’s engine is probably near the top of your list if not at the very top.  However, what good is a powerful engine if you can’t control it?  Working in tandem with your car’s engine to turn the force of horsepower into manageable and controllable momentum is your vehicle’s suspension.  Your car’s suspension system is made up of many different parts, which include the shocks or struts and your steering system among other components.  Your suspension system not only helps provide a smooth ride while driving but also helps keep you and your passengers safe by giving you a high level of control while driving.  As a result, ensuring your suspension system is working properly is an important piece of maintaining your vehicle.

Your car’s shocks or struts play a vital role in giving you and your passengers a smooth ride.  These parts of the suspension system help absorb all of the bumps and dips of the road.  When your car’s tires run over any part of the road that is not completely flat and smooth, the shocks compress or expand to maintain the contact of your tires on the road, in addition to absorbing the change in the road to transfer the minimum possible recoil to the cab of your car.  As a result, one sign your suspension may need repairs is a bumpy or rough ride because this is often caused by the shocks or struts not working properly or effectively.

Other potential warning signs that you may need to bring your vehicle in for a suspension check are uneven tread wear on your tires, the dipping of your car’s front end when braking, and if your vehicle pulls or drifts while turning.  Also, if you are having difficulty with the steering or turning of your car, this may be related to a problem in the suspension system.  If you are experiencing any of these issues you may be needing repairs on your shocks or it could be your power steering system that needs a tune-up.

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