Your car’s tires are involved in almost every action your car makes: accelerating, braking, turning, and even helping to absorb the bumps in the road.  As a result, maintaining your tires properly is a key component to keeping your vehicle running smoothly.  There are a variety of services to help keep your tires working appropriately, including rotation, balancing, alignment, and eventually replacement.  It is recommended you replace your car’s tires approximately every 25,000 to 50,000 miles depending on the type of tires and the amount of wear.

One way to help add longevity to your tires and get the best performance out of them as possible is to have your tires regularly rotated.  Tire rotation, which is a recommended maintenance approximately every 6,000 to 8,000 miles, will help keep the wear even between your front and rear tires.  Depending on whether your car has rear-wheel drive or front-wheel drive, one set of your tires will often wear faster, as those are the tires doing the work of getting your vehicle moving.  By rotating the front to the back and vice versa on a regular basis, your tires will last longer since one set of your tires, either the front or the back, is not doing all the work all of the time.

Tire balancing is will also help keep the wear on your tires even, as this service ensures that the weight from your vehicle being down through the tires is distributed equally across the tires.  Uneven wear caused by unbalanced tires will often cause vibrations from your tires to be felt by the driver through the steering wheel, and the uneven wear will shorten the life of your tires as well.

Another important part of tire maintenance, is Tire, or wheel, alignment.  A tire alignment is when your car’s suspension is measured and adjusted to ensure the proper angles are in place, so your tires are gripping the road evenly giving you a smoother ride and increasing your control while driving.  Be sure to click on our “Wheel Alignment” page for more information regarding this maintenance.

If you have any other questions, or if you notice some uneven wear on your tires and you would like to schedule a tire rotation or tire balancing by one of our highly trained ASE-certified technicians call 714-660-2132 today to schedule an appointment, and let BMW Repair Orange County help keep your vehicle and its tires running smoothly.